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Sweetwater Floral

Sweetwater Exclusive Candles

Sweetwater Exclusive Candles

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One of our all-time best sellers! A hand-poured Sweetwater candle makes the perfect floral-inspired gift or self care treat! With a wooden wick, clean ingredients and extra long burn times, we're feeling cozy just talking about them! Choose from three fabulous fragrances! 100% soy and made with love.

  • Studio Blend No. 1 - Bergamot Water, Yuzu, Sea Salt, Sage Flower, Coastal Cyclamen, Blue Algae, Driftwood, Amber (available in 6oz and 11oz)
  • Studio Blend No. 2 - Lavender, Juniper Water, Yarrow, Coconut, Chamomile, Sweetgrass, Vanilla Musk, Dry Woods, Clary Sage (available in 6oz and 11oz)
  • Walloon Breeze - Marine Mist, Lavender, Lemon Zest, Green Moss (only available in 6oz)
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